Call To Prayer - Day 20 - November 10, 2018 - Lighthouse Gospel Ministries


Call To Prayer – Day 20 – November 10, 2018

Day 20 Prayer Points

(Please, skip at least one meal and pray these prayer points before you eat or drink anything)

1. Let us pray for the Prime Minister – Theresa May, that the LORD our God would uphold her, give her wisdom and understanding in dispensing her duties (1 Chronicles 1:10)

2. Let us pray for our local MPs, that they would lead godly lives and represent their constituencies in godliness (1 Timothy 2:1-2)

3. Let us pray for our Ward Councillors, that they may function as Christ’s ambassadors in the pursuit of their duties (Romans 13:1-2)

4. Let us pray that God would raise God-fearing and honouring leaders in the UK (Rom. 1:4-5)

5. Let us pray that any leader that is a puppet of Satan in the UK, be removed and a God-honouring person take his/her place (Daniel 2:21).

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