Call To Prayer - Day 30 - November 20, 2018 - Lighthouse Gospel Ministries


Call To Prayer – Day 30 – November 20, 2018

Day 30 Prayer Points

(Please, skip at least one meal and pray these prayer points before you eat or drink anything)

1. Let us offer thanks and praises to God for all He has done and keeps doing, thereby glorifying Him (Psalm 50:23)

2. Let us offer a sacrifice of praise unto our God, so that the UK will yield its increase (Psalm 67:5-7)

3. Let us rejoice and sing praises to God, so that He will arise and scatter the enemies of His church in the UK (Psalm 68:1-3)

4. Let us give thanks to God for everything and for every situation in our lives as well as in the UK (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

5. Let us rejoice and be glad because our God (Heavenly Father) hears and answers the prayers of His saints (us) (Psalm 34:15).

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