Call To Prayer - Day 9 - October 30, 2018 - Lighthouse Gospel Ministries


Call To Prayer – Day 9 – October 30, 2018

Day 9 Prayer Points

1. Let us pray for the family in the UK, that God’s order of what He ordained the family unit to be, would be preserved (Eph. 3:14-15)

2. Pray for all single parents, that God would grant them wisdom and strength to raise their children in God’s ways (Gen. 18:19)

3. Pray for families that are going through challenging situations, that they would cry out to God for help and He will send them help (Psalm 121:1-2)

4. Pray that families under the attack of Satan, will receive deliverance from God, as they cry out to Him (Romans 10:13)

5. Let us pray and prophecy God’s peace, joy in the Holy Spirit and blessings upon families in our communities¬† (Prov. 11:11).

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