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Mysteries of God’s Kingdom (Part 4)

When you understand what it means for God’s Kingdom to be operational in your life, no challenge will be able to shake you. When God is on your side, nothing can overcome you.

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Mysteries of God’s Kingdom (Part 3)

In order to experience God’s Kingdom, we have to humble ourselves like little children, put our faith in God, and totally depend on Him for everything.

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Mysteries of God’s Kingdom (Part 2)

Just as the devil goes around, planting evil seeds in the world in order to carry out his agenda (steal, kill and destroy), God has also planted many as good seeds through which He is ministering life, hope and peace to the world. Are you one of God’s seeds?…

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Mysteries of God’s Kingdom (Part 1)

God wants you to prosper and live a successful life. But for this to happen, you need to put His kingdom first and follow Kingdom principles.

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Your Kingdom Come (Part 6)

In spite of all that is going on in the world, you can thrive and prosper if only you will prioritise seeking God’s kingdom.

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The Kingdom of Heaven – Our Inheritance (Part 2)

The enemy is constantly fighting to stop you from entering into all that God has for you. You need the backing of the Kingdom of heaven for you to live victoriously on the earth. Join us online here on YouTube for our Wednesday Bible Study every Wednesday and our Revival…

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