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Jesus Christ: The Only Way (Part 6)

When you consider what Jesus had to suffer for the whole of humanity, you will understand why He is the only way to salvation and reconciliation with God. There has never been (and will never be) another worthy sacrifice for humanity.

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Jesus Christ: The Only Way (Part 5)

Jesus Christ is the only source of eternal life. Without His death and resurrection, mankind would have been condemned to eternal damnation. This is why accepting Him and His finished work on the cross is the way to gain redemption and enjoy eternal life.

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Jesus Christ: The Only Way (Part 4)

As we continue to look into the subject of eternity and the two destinations that await mankind after life on earth, we clearly see why the coming of Jesus to the earth is important for the salvation of man and also to guarantee man a place with God for eternity.

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Jesus Christ: The Only Way (Part 2)

Why do we say that Jesus is the ONLY way to the true living God? He is the only one who shed His blood for the salvation of humanity. No other religious pioneer did that.

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Spiritual Warfare: Weapons of Our Warfare (Part 5)

Did you know that praise is a weapon with which you gain victory over the devil? Not many people know about this mighty weapon and not many practise it, but through this message, you will gain revelation knowledge on how your praise and worship to God can destroy the works…

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