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Call To Prayer – November 12, 2018

Day 22 Prayer Points

(Please, skip at least one meal and pray these prayer points before you eat or drink anything)

1. Let us pray and ask God for forgiveness on behalf of our leaders, who have rejected our Christian heritage and called the UK a “Post-Christian” nation (Psalm 130:3-4)

2. Let us pray that this nation – UK will one day acknowledge and declare the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Jesus Christ), as their God (Psalm 33:12)

3. Let us pray that God’s eyes will be upon our nation, as we put our trust in Him (Psalms 33:18)

4. Let us pray and ask God to remember the sacrifice of those early missionaries from the UK, who took the Gospel of Jesus Christ to other nations (Exodus 20:6)

5. Let us pray that by the Holy Spirit revival, the UK shall turn from a sinful nation (Isaiah 1:4).

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