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Word For Faith – October 1, 2019

“…Zacchaeus… a chief tax collector… was rich. And he sought to see who Jesus was, but could not because of the crowd, for he was of short stature. So he ran ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see Him…”
Luke 19:2‭-‬4

Any sinner, rich or poor, who makes an effort to want to know more about Jesus Christ, as Zacchaeus did, will never be disappointed.

Just as Zacchaeus heard wonderful things about Jesus Christ, so must we keep spreading this Good News about Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, so that sinners will seek to know more about this JESUS and how He can save them from their troubles in Jesus name!

It shall come to pass!

God bless,
Minister of Miracles
1 John 5:4

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