San Damiano Cross 10″




  • San Damiano Cross
  • From the popular Joseph’s Studio Renaissance Collection
  • A beautiful and colorful cross inspired by the cross in Assisi, Italy

The San Damiano Cross is considered an icon because it contains images of people with special meaning to the actual cross. The largest figure on the cross is Christ crucified. Beside Him are the five major witnesses to his crucifixion, Mary, Mother of Jesus; St. John the Beloved; Mary Magdalene, Mary, Mother of James and the centurion. There are also two minor witnesses to the crucifixion, Longinus, the Roman soldier who pierced the side of Jesus and Stephaton, the soldier who offered Jesus a sponge soaked in vinegar wine. Amongst these prominent witnesses are six angels and six patron saints of Umbria: St. John, St. Michael, St. Rufino, St. John the Baptist, St. Peter and St. Paul. At the top of the San Damiano Cross is the image of Jesus resurrected and climbing out of the tomb, surrounded by ten heavenly angels. Other images found in the San Damiano cross are the right hand of God, a bird and another animal. The original painter of the San Damiano Cross is unknown, however, some believe he had painted an image of himself as a small face over the shoulder of the major witnesses. The San Damiano Cross is the Cross beneath which St. Francis was praying when he received his commission from the Lord to rebuild the Church. The original San Damiano Cross now hangs in Santa Chiara Church (St. Clare Church) in Assisi, Italy.

Dimensions & Specifications
  • Measures approximately 10.75 ” (H) x 8″ (W) x 1″ (D)
  • Resin-stone crafted
  • Handpainted design
  • Saint: St. Francis of Assisi
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