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Word For Faith – December 3, 2021

“But the next morning the same thing happened—Dagon had fallen face down before the Ark of the Lord again. This time his head and hands had broken off and … Only the trunk of his body was left intact.”
1 Samuel 5:4 NLT

The idol god of the Philistines was set before the Ark of the God of Israel again and was destroyed.

This shows that the demon gods of the nations are powerless before the God and Father of our Lord – Jesus Christ!

So, as we keep spreading this Good News about Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, many will become born-again Christians, keep serving Him, and we’ll see our enemies defeated before us, because we are carriers of the glory of God, in the name of Jesus Christ!

It shall come to pass!

God bless,
Minister of Miracles
Lighthouse Gospel Ministries
1 John 5:4

PS: Receiving and reading this msg is a point of contact for your salvation and your household.

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