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Word For Faith – March 19, 2021

“Then Jesus gave the following illustration: “Can one blind person lead another? Won’t they both fall into a ditch?””
Luke 6:39 NLT

Spiritual blindness is by far worse than physical blindness.

When a person has no revelation knowledge or insight into the ways and wisdom of God, s/he is walking blindly in life.

Whoever s/he is leading, just like a physically blind person, will certainly stumble and fall.

But when we subscribe to God’s Word as revealed by the Holy Spirit, and do them, we’ll never stumble in life.

So, as we keep spreading this Good News about Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, many will become born again Christians and be led by the Holy Spirit, through God’s Word – The Holy Bible, in the name of Jesus Christ!

It shall come to pass!

God bless,
Minister of Miracles
Lighthouse Gospel Ministries
1 John 5:4

PS: Receiving and reading this msg is a point of contact for your salvation and your household.

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