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Word For Faith – April 29, 2020

“Through faith in the name of Jesus, this man was healed—and you know how crippled he was before. Faith in Jesus’ name has healed him before your very eyes.”
Acts 3:16 NLT

Faith in the name of Jesus Christ has healed countless millions of various sicknesses and diseases that medical science has no cure to.

Likewise, in the midst of the current pandemic, faith in the name of Jesus Christ will preserve as many as put their trust in Him and Him alone!

So, as we keep spreading this Good News about Jesus Christ, many will put their faith in Him, experience His miracle-working power and become born again Christians, in Jesus name!

It shall come to pass!

God bless,
Minister of Miracles
Lighthouse Gospel Ministries
1 John 5:4

PS: Receiving and reading this msg is a point of contact for your salvation and your household.

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