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The Eternal Word of God (Part 2)

God’s Word is living and eternal. It is this Word that gives us new birth, and everything we need to be victorious in life is contained in this same Word.

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An Incorruptible Inheritance in Christ (Part 4)

When we come to Christ, we receive the gift of eternal life. This is one of the many things we enjoy in Christ. But what does it mean to have eternal life?…

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Faith in the Death of Jesus Christ (Part 1)

Through His death on the cross, Jesus purchased forgiveness for mankind. By putting our faith in the finished work of Christ, we enter into a new life and a relationship with the Father.

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My Inheritance in Christ Jesus (Part 6)

Did you know that healing is the inheritance of God’s children? When you come to Christ, you enter into a covenant that allows you to enjoy divine healing and health, and you have power over sickness and death.

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Living by Faith in God’s Word (Part 6)

The battles and challenges we face in life are not ordinary; they are spiritual. To overcome these things, you need God’s Word.

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My Inheritance in Christ Jesus (Part 5)

Are you labouring for things that God has already freely given to you? Your inheritance in Christ is your birthright and you shouldn’t labour for it.

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